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and his Quintet with Bobby Jaspar,Chet Baker

Chet Baker (trumpet)

"And his Quintet with Bobby Jaspar"

Barclay 1956 (réf. 84042)

Avec la participation de :
Chet Baker (trumpet), Jean Aldegon (saxophone), Francy Boland (piano), Jimmy Bond (bass), William Boucaya (saxophone), Jean-louis Chautemps (saxophone), Nils-Bertil Dahlander (drums), Eddie De Haas (bass), Raymond Fol (piano), Bobby Jaspar (saxophone), Armand Migiani (saxophone), Benoît Quersin (bass), Charles Saudrais (drums), René Urtréger (piano), Benny Vasseur (trombon), Jean-louis Viale (drums)

33rpm, mono, neuf, 30.00
[33.30 US$, 3,675.00 ¥]

2013 French pressing
État du disque : S
 État de la pochette : S

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his session was recorded at Studio Pathe-Magellan in Paris, between October, 25th, 1955 and February, 10th, 1956. This record is the third and last record for the Barclay label.

In response to an offer to Nicole Barclay, Chet Baker arrived in Paris in early September 1955. The 22 - or maybe 23 - he signed a contract for seven records ...(later replaced by 3). When Chet entered the studio Pathe-Magellan October, 25th, 1955 ,just one member of the original trio was always present: the pianist Dick Twardzik died of an overdose and drummer Peter Littman had gone home. Only Jimmy Bond on bass, was still there. Three titles have been arranged by the pen of Pierre Michelot - 'Chet', 'Dinah' - and the Christian Knight 'Vline’ . Chet so loved these arrangements that he decided to re-record them later in Los Angeles. November, 28th, 1955, Chet returned in the same studio, this time with piano Raymond Fol, Benoit Quersin on bass and Jean-Louis Viale on drums. Three titles were recorded : ' Alone Together ' and ' Exitus ' composed by Phil Urso and ' Once In a While’.
The day after Christmas , on December, 26th, there is an opportunity to Chet Baker and Bobby Jaspar to sustain a partnership that was established at the Club Saint-Germain since the beginning of the month. That day, in the All Stars, Maurice Vander replaces Rene Urtreger on piano. Two titles were recorded : 'Chekeetah' and 'How About You' . Chet Baker and Bobby Jaspar are in total harmony . It is regrettable that such a winning team was never reassembled .
Finally, February 10th, 1956, Chet recorded with a quintet 'Anticipated blues' and 'Tasty Pudding' with Jean -Louis Chautemps , Francy Boland, Edgar de Haas and Charles Saudrais .

Text – Alain Tercinet

Side A
1. How About You? (*)
2. Once in a While (**)
3. Chekeetah (*) 
4. Alone Together (**)
5. Chet (°)
Side B
1. Dinah (°)
2. Tasty Pudding (°°)
3. Anticipated Blues (°°)
4. V-Line (°)
5. Exitus (**)

(°) Chet Baker Octet Paris, 25 Octobre 1955
Chet Baker (tp), Benny Vasseur (tb), Jean Aldegon (as), Armand Migiani (ts), William Boucaya (bars), Rene Urtreger (p), Jimmy Bond (b) and Nils-Bertil Dahlander (d).
(**) Chet Baker Quartet Paris, 28 Novembre 1955
Chet Baker (tp), Raymond Fol (p), Benoit Quersin (b) and Jean-Louis Viale (d).
(*) Chet Baker Quintet Paris, 26 Décembre 1955
Chet Baker (tp), Bobby Jaspar (ts), Rene Urtreger (p), Benoit Quersin (b) and Jean-Louis Viale (d).
(°°) Chet Baker Quintet Paris, 10 Février 1956
Chet Baker (tp), Jean-Louis Chautemps (ts), Francy Boland (p), Eddie De Haas (b), Charles Saudrais (d).

Re-mastered from the original master tapes.
Limited edition 1000 copies.
180 gr vinyl pressed by Pallas in Germany.
Facsimile reissue using the original photo from Herman Leonard.
Double insert using original photos by Jean-Pierre Leloir.
Each record has been visually checked to prevent defects.

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