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the argo, verve and impulse big band studio sessions,Oliver Nelson

Oliver Nelson (saxophone)

"The argo, verve and impulse big band studio sessions"

Mosaic 1962/65 (réf. B006705 02-)

Avec la participation de :
Oliver Nelson (saxophone), Joe Newman (trumpet), Clark Terry (trumpet), Phil Woods (saxophone), Jimmy Cleveland (trombon), George Dorsey (saxophone), Bernie Glow (trumpet), Quentin Jackson (trombon), Jimmy Maxwell (trumpet), Ernie Royal (trumpet), Snooky Young (trumpet)

CD box set, stereo, occasion, 110.00
[123.20 US$, 13,233.00 ¥]

2006 cd edition - Limited edition of 10000 CD.

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Box set of 6 CD, contain 16 pages booklet with beautiful photos.

Our box includes 90 tracks, spanning 1962 to 1967. They include some of his more recognizable compositions, such as 'Miss Fine', 'Teenie's Blues', and 'Patterns For Orchestra', as well as tunes from others that because associated with Nelson (such as W.C. Handy's 'St. Louis Blues.'). There is the album-length tribute to a fallen leader, The Kennedy Dream, as well as Nelson's version of the symphonic classic Peter and the Wolf. His re-working of the piece by Prokofiev (for leader Jimmy Smith) scceeds where other attemps as jazzing the classics don't, largely because the LP came from Nelson's original compositions inspired by the original, rather than from sticking a backbeat on the orchestral work.

The Mosaic booklet includes liner notes and a track-by-track analysis of the music by composer/musician Kenny Berger, who studied under Nelson stalwart Danny Bank and played with nearly all the musicians on these dates.
The discography of these sessions corrects mistakes in all previous versions (we even went back to mucician's union session logs to get the personnel right!).

It's nice to know so many mucicians and composers credit Oliver Nelson as a major influence. Now, at last, you can appreciate why.

Disque : 1
1. Full Nelson
2. Skokiaan
3. Miss Fine
4. Majorca
5. Cool
6. Back Woods
7. Lila'S Theme
8. Ballad For Benny
9. Hoe Down
10. Paris Blues
11. What Kind Of Fool Am I
12. You Love But Once
13. Hobo Flats
14. Post No Bills
15. A Bientot
16. Three Plus One
17. Take Me With You
18. Daylie'S Double
19. Teenie'S Blues
20. Laz-Ie Kate

Disque : 2
1. St Louis Blues
2. I Remember Bird
3. Ricardo'S Dilemma
4. Patterns For Orchestra
5. The Sidewalks Of New York
6. Greensleeves
7. John Brown'S Blues
8. Twelve Tone Blues
9. A Typical Day In New York
10. The East Side/The West Side
11. 125th And Seventh Ave
12. A Penthouse Dawn
13. One For Duke
14. Complex City

Disque : 3
1. Roll 'Em
2. For Dancers Only
3. Sophisticated Swing
4. Sometimes I'M Happy
5. Lined With A Groove
6. Lazy Theme
7. Now Hear My Meaning
8. In A Crowd
9. Sound Piece For Jazz Orchestra
10. Flute Salad
11. The Lady From Girl Talk

Disque : 4
1. Let The Word Go Forth
2. A Genuine Peace
3. The Rights Of All
4. Tolerance
5. The Artists' Rightful Place
6. Jacqueline
7. Day In Dallas
8. John Kennedy Memory Waltz
9. Love Is Just Around The Corner
10. This Is It
11. Memories Of You
12. Pee Wee'S Blues
13. The Shadow Of Your Smile
14. Ja-Da
15. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
16. Bopol
17. I'M Coming Virginia
18. Six And Four

Disque : 5
1. Walk On The Wild Side
2. Ol' Man River
3. In A Mellow Tone
4. Step Right Up
5. Hobo Flats
6. Blueberry Hill
7. Walk Right In
8. Trouble In Mind
9. The Preacher
10. Meditation
11. I Can'T Stop Loving You
12. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
13. Who'S Afraid Of Virginia Wolff, Part I
14. Who'S Afraid Of Virginia Wolff, Part Il

Disque : 6
1. The Bird/The Duck/The Cat/The Grandfather/The Wolf/The Hunter/Peter
2. Duck Theme/Jimmy And The Duck/Peter'S Theme/Meal Time
3. Elegy For A Duck
4. Cat In A Tree
5. Capture Of The Worlf
6. Finale, Parade/Peter Plays Some Blues
7. One Mint Julep
8. Blues And The Abstract Truth
9. Down By The Riverside
10. Night Train
11. 13 (Death March)
12. Milestones
13. Round Midnight

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